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What makes Nido different?

The natural environment is essential to challenge a child, to build courage, independence, have fun and just enjoy being a child.
At Nido, being outdoor is the time that our children adore the most. Children learn best when they are happy. Our Educators just love assisting children on their learning journey, understanding the natural world and the part the play in it.

As Nido we actively choose to operate centres in the suburbs, your child deserves the best opportunity to thrive, to become who they deserve to be. 

We advocate for every child to have access to the best early education and we have the pleasure of presenting Nido, the new standard in early education, to you and your family.

Unique Tiny Chef Program

One of the few Nido centres offering Mini Master Chef Classes with our in-house chef.
Nido educators will often plan lessons aimed to inspire and nurture children’s natural love of learning, through supporting their interests, strengths and inquiry of the world around them.

We're proud to announce our new tiny chef program which we hold weekly in our Cucina Piazza.

Every child will receive their full tiny chef experience with their very own chef hat and apron, as well as leaning self help skills such as sing our special safety utensils, and learning how to mix and measure ingredients correctly. This is a great educational process in giving children awareness of the foods we eat, insight on the nutritional value of food and where it comes from. 

Mini MAster Chef Classes

Our Programs

Each Nido Early School is designed and custom built to meet our childcare philosophy and the highest expectations. 

At Nido Ascot Vale. we also offer Mandarin classes, a Sustainable program growing herbs for our Cucina and a Kinder Leadership Program for pre-schoolers.
"When you walk into a Nido centre, the environment is beautiful and conducive to facilitate learning..."
Nadia Wilson-Ali | Director of Education

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