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What makes Nido different?

The natural environment is essential to challenge a child, to build courage, independence, have fun and just enjoy being a child.
At Nido, being outdoor is the time that our children adore the most. Children learn best when they are happy. Our Educators just love assisting children on their learning journey, understanding the natural world and the part the play in it.

As Nido we actively choose to operate centres in the suburbs, your child deserves the best opportunity to thrive, to become who they deserve to be. 

We advocate for every child to have access to the best early education and we have the pleasure of presenting Nido, the new standard in early education, to you and your family.

Music program for all ages

We have music lessons Mondays
Nido educators will often plan lessons based on each child’s interest and develop bespoke learning plans for your child.

At Nido Early School Ocean Grove, children have the opportunity to participate in music and dance lessons with our trained educator, Rachel, on Mondays. These lessons are child led and are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

In addition, we also offer sign language (Auslan) and yoga lessons throughout the week.

Our Architecture

Each Nido Early School is designed and custom built to meet our childcare philosophy and the highest expectations. 

Each room has been meticulously planned and we use premium fixtures and finishes with a coordinated choice of textures and natural tones. 

Spaces are light and we avoid heavy materials, carpets or synthetic materials and limit the inclusion of commercial toys.
Nido OceanGrove Piazza
Nido OceanGrove Interior
Nido OceanGrove Playground
"When you walk into a Nido centre, the environment is beautiful and conducive to facilitate learning..."
Nadia Wilson-Ali | Director of Education

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